How is oncology massage different from “normal” massage?

You step into the elevator and a person says: “Hi, what do you do?”

You want to give a good answer, right?  Plus, you only have 30 seconds or so before the elevator reaches the floor where you get off.

The idea of an “elevator speech” is that you’ve already thought it out.  It’s top-of-mind (actually rehearsed).

It’s very short.  And it says what’s most important to you.

In the Oncology Massage Mentorship I am currently taking, Tracy Walton asked each of us to prepare an “elevator speech” for 3 common questions we may be asked as oncology massage therapists.  Indeed, already have been asked!

Question #1 – How is oncology massage different from “normal” massage?

Here is my elevator speech.  What do you think?oncology massage

Oncology massage doesn’t address the cancer but it sure does address the effects of treatment—pain, nausea, anxiety–which can be profound.  There are more than 200 kinds of cancer, so the special training we have, the questions we ask and the communication we have with our client’s medical team allows us to adapt our approach.  We use many of the same massage techniques you’re familiar with—but exactly how and where and why we work is specific to each client.  Overall?  Oncology massage is very gentle and comforting – and very present.


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